I spoke to the Senior Class at Grace Christian Academy this past week at their Senior Leadership Retreat. We had a blast, the people at Coker Creek Village were awesome.

The students really listened and responded well, and it is my prayer that the truth we discussed in our leadership training sessions will be fleshed out this year in their lives.

Here are a few snapshots into what we discussed:

LEADERSHIP 101 – Sunday night
“Leadership is Influence”
“Everyone influences someone”
“We either influence people for the worse, to maintain the status quo, or for the better”
“God wants is to leverage our influence, aka, our leadership for the good of others”
LEADERSHIP 201 – Monday afternoon
“Humility is a virtue hard to find in our culture”
(Case in point: ‘My’Space, ‘I’Pod etc.)
“Putting other people’s interests in front of our own is hard to do”
“Jesus was the ultimate example of humility”
“The next time you feel ‘above’ something, remember Jesus wasn’t above the crown of thorns”
Leadership 301 – Monday evening
“Character isn’t necessary or essential for leadership”
“Character is however necessary to be a leader worth following”
“Your talents may take you farther than your character can sustain you”
“Character gives you credibility in the eyes of others”
“It only takes one word, one bad decision, one compromise to destroy what took a lifetime to build”
Leadership 401 – Tuesday morning (Thank you Louie G.)
“Tattoo’s represent something, they make a statement”
“Our lives will be tattooed by something, either darkness or light”
“It is time to leave the life of ‘fuzzy grayness’ and clearly declare who you are”
“The world is confused when we have David Crowder and Eminem on the same Ipod”
“When we are tattooed with the light of Jesus Christ, we shine on others”

– Brad

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