It has been an interesting 12 months for my family. One year ago we lost a baby due to a miscarriage. It was a difficult and emotional time, that would only get worse as I would lose my job just a couple of weeks later. Furthermore, I couldn’t find a job on a church staff, or anywhere for that matter.

The church that had just laid me off had asked me to commit to be on staff there for 5 years, so Julie and I bought a house in the peak of the real estate boom – and I was let go when things had bottomed out. Long story short, my house was worth about $45,000 LESS than what I paid for it when we needed to move for me to work.

So we moved back home to live with family, all the while it took 6 months for my house just to rent. Financially, emotionally, and spiritually we were suffering.

The past few months have dealt us some personal, non-blogable trials. God has been good, but the road has been rough – not as rough as some, but hard for us.

Then some good news came a couple of months ago as my wife was pregnant again. We had still been hoping to have a baby, so we were thrilled. This good news quickly turned to pain as she had yet another miscarriage – 2 in one year now.

For 5 weeks Julie has been terribly sick – constantly nauseous, throwing up, dizzy etc. We had no idea what was wrong. So nervously she went to the doctor yesterday.

I have been speaking at the Senior Leadership Retreat for Grace Christian Academy in Knoxville, so I wasn’t able to be there, adding to mine and her anxiety over the diagnosis.

Yesterday we got the diagnosis: She is still pregnant! Apparently there must have been twins, and one was lost, but miraculously the other survived and is a healthy little growing child.

God is so HUGE. Good is so Good. Here is a picture of our unborn child:

7 thoughts on “Miracles

  1. That is fantastic, that is some exciting news. The Fords are very excited for you two and that will be one LOVED baby! PTL

  2. This miracle has truly blessed our entire family. It has reinforced my faith in an awsome, loving, compassionate, miracle working God. The two of you (Brad and Julie) have shown me how to be strong in the face of great trials. You have demonstrated your faith and trust that God is Good no matter the circumstance. I love you both so much. Grammy Donna

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