Monogamy, it’s just not for everyone I guess.

MSN recently published an article from Redbook magazine. The article details and chronicles the lives of 9 married couples. Here is a quick excerpt:

Marriage may be a centuries-old institution, but couples today are making it their own, reshaping it according to their individual personalities and their shared beliefs.
They are choosing when they marry, whether they get hitched in their teens or wait until their 40s. They are rethinking how they marry, with some looking to their faith to strengthen their bond and others challenging the basic principles of marriage (monogamy, anyone?). And they are standing up for whom they marry, inviting us all to examine our ideas of what marriage really means.

One couple, Jennifer and Jason Barton, both 33, chose to have a covenant marriage — a special type of marriage that generally requires premarital counseling and makes it much harder to get divorced.

On the other hand, Cass King and John Woods, both 36, have decided on a Polyamorous Marriage. In other words they are by mutual agreement, free to have sexual and romantic relationships outside their marriage.

Here are two quotes I found astounding from their section of the article:

“We always said, ‘If you want to go on a date with someone else, just tell me.”

“It’s funny how it’s easily understood that my love for my aunties doesn’t diminish my love for my mother, but it’s less acceptable to say that my love for my boyfriend doesn’t diminish my love for my husband. It’s like somehow the sex changes everything, confers an ownership on my love and on my body. I don’t believe in that…”

Here is the link to the Article.

So guys, what’s the big deal with your wife having a boyfriend too?

– Brad

One thought on “Monogamy, it’s just not for everyone I guess.

  1. Wow! It’s amazing what people will believe to justify their sin. And it’s amazing that society can condone this. Society admires Brangelina for their do-good adoptions, yet even they admit they don’t know if they’ll be together forever.And yes, sex, the way God intends it, does change everything.

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