New Gig

For the last 7+ months I have been installing and repairing phone systems, high speed Internet, and digital cable for Comcast.

I have enjoyed it. I was able to be on my own in the field, meet lots of people, and play with computers which I thoroughly enjoy.

The part I enjoyed the most however, was being able to work with a significant number of unchurched people. As a pastor I have had a lot of contact with people who are not believers, but always in the context of being a pastor – therefore not always getting the honest presentation of people. But, for the greater part of the last 7 months I have been a ‘cable guy’, which has allowed me to interact with the unchurched, just like most of the members of my church have. I have been able to witness, discuss spiritual matters with my co-workers, and pray with them in the hospital – all from a non-pastoral position. It has been refreshing, and has strengthened my resolve to launch a church that will reach out to those who are sceptical of the ‘God-thing’

In two weeks my communications technician days are over. I have accepted an Interim Assistant Pastor position at South Harriman Baptist Church. They are in a search for a Senior Pastor at the present, and I will be partnering with these fine people primarily in the area of Student ministry. I’ll also be consulting in outreach programs and website development. I am excited about this new opportunity as it will give me the opportunity to serve in ministry while preparing to launch a new church here in East Tennessee.

I’ll be posting here in the future about both ventures.

– Brad

2 thoughts on “New Gig

  1. Brad,This is Drew Bowman from Mt. Pisgah. I ran across your blog the other day and read a few articles. I saw this one about your “new gig” at South Harriman BC. Congratulations! I also saw that you are consulting with the church’s web development. I just wanted to let you know that I own an advertising / marketing / web development company. If you are looking for someone to develop a new web site or re-design your existing site, let me know. My web site is You can find my phone and e-mail contact information there, as well as a portfolio of my work.I hope that you and your family are doing well and I hope everything works out great for you at SHBC.Regards,Drew Bowman

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