Dear Pastor…Part 3

So, how might it happen…

Well, you want to teach a series on Sharing your faith. You figure that you are always preaching to people about doing it, but never teaching them how. Well, except in the Evangelism course that you offer that only 12 people show up to!

So, you want to spend 4 Sunday mornings teaching your congregation how they can impact the people they work, play, and hangout with for eternity.

Step 1: Pray and Plan – Pray for God to use you and your congregation to influence the people they encounter with the Gospel. Plan to share the series at an optimal time, as each message of this series will build upon one another. Invite a team of people to work with you on this series.

Step 2: Pray and Prepare – Pray that God will give you and your team members insight as how to creatively and effectively communicate these messages.

1. Schedule a time to meet.

  • 6:00-6:30 – Eat dinner together and present the concept of the series (personal/relational evangelism) and a basic overview of what you want to communicate over the 4 weeks.
  • 6:30-7:00 – Brain dump on to paper, individually and then collectively, ideas relating to:
    1. Series Title/Theme (You may already have a title, but use this exercise to make sure you have the best one)

In this case you choose to spin off the GEICO commercials which have professional
actors share the stories of accident victims. Your series title is GODCO – So Easy Every Christian can do it.

2. Creative ways to communicate the concepts.

Your team comes up with 2 creative tools: 1) You make 4 ‘commercials’ that have a different “professional evangelist” help people share their testimony. (1 commercial for each week)

Here is an example of 1:

2) Your team comes up with 4 skits that will help communicate how you might share your faith a) on the job b) at school c) in the neighborhood d) with your children

3. Graphic arts and Promotion

Your volunteer/staff graphic team member may come up with something like this:

E-mail links to the commercials to your mailing list every Thursday afternoon to build excitement.

4. Staff the objectives – Make sure someone is responsible for the videos, artwork, sets for the skits/dramas etc. Come up with an accountability plan (Deadlines for completion).

You will find that this is a lot of work, and preparing a simple exposition of how Jesus witnessed to the woman at the well would be much easier – but remember the Gospel is the greatest message this universe knows. It requires and demands the greatest innovation and creativity we can provide.

I didn’t develop these concepts. To learn more about this process let me recommend Ed Young Jr.’s book, The Creative Leader and Can We Do That? Co-written by Young and Andy Stanley.

For help with creative series ideas try these: Wired Churches NewSpring Ministries

– Brad

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