Dear Pastor, since we are not good enough…Part 2

2. Pray and Prepare
Prayer in the beginning and along they way as you prepare sermons is crucial. Though we can hone our skills in study and delivery – we must rely on God’s power for anything supernatural to occur.

While Planning involves a large vision and scope to your preaching schedule – Preparation involves the nitty gritty details.

Here are some tips and suggestions in regards to the preparation involved in Team Preaching

1. Identify Team Members – When selecting people to assist you in the sermon making and delivery process involve a wide range of people and personalities.

  • Have both men and women involved in the process
  • Involve people who think like you and people who don’t think as you do.
  • Select people who are creative and have a pulse on the people in your congregation and community.
  • Don’t make the mistake of only selecting people who are super mature Christians. You can learn a lot from people who are ‘struggling’ in their walk. Sometimes we think we know how to ‘fix’ their problems without listening to them.
  • Always involve members of the Worship Service Team (Worship Leader, Tech People Etc)

2. Schedule Time – You will never meet if you just talk about getting together. Decide on a definite meeting time and place.

  • Do it with some food – People always love to eat, plus it gets the brain going.
  • Schedule a time convenient for the team, NOT you. You are paid, they are volunteers. Remember, check the ego at the door.

3. Be Prepared yourself – Have a direction for the things you will discuss. Don’t waste their time by not being totally ready to go.

4. During the meeting:

  • Lay out the ideas for the Primary Series you will discuss, Ex. “American Idols” Layout the themes you will be discussing, Ex. (Addiction to Fame, Character, Search for Significance in Life, Money or whatever)
  • Brain dump on to paper. Do this exercise separately and then together.
  • Have light music playing, it stimulates the brain.
  • Ask Questions.
  • Discuss Creative ways to communicate principles. (Videos, Dramas, Visual Aids, Stage Sets, Music Sets, Promotional angles)
  • Discuss how to accomplish what your objectives are
  • Decide on a way to follow and and be accountable to getting the work done.

5. Future Series – Let the team know where you are going in future series, so they can brainstorm between meeting.

6. Involve different people throughout the year. Never have the same team and NEVER ask for volunteers, if you do you’ll get all the nut cases. Have two or three teams working on two or three series – share the load.

The Rewards? People will feel valuable because their input was sought. The burden of being effective will be shared with other people, meaning less stress on you. You tap into talents you, and other people never knew existed.

– Brad

Next, I’ll give a detailed example of how a team might put together a creative series.

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