Spiritual Spiderman

Spiderman 3 brought in the money, big time. I was one of those nuts who had to see it on opening night. I was pleased for the most part, although there was plenty of rumblings from the comic book enthusiasts – sorry guys.

Superman Returns and Spiderman 3 have taken visual effects to an all new level in the last year. 500 million bucks worth of dazzling imagery to be exact.

So Why “Spiritual Spiderman?” Because Spiderman 3 brought the message of Good vs Evil to the forefront once again in a creative and intriguing way. Here’s just a few observations:

  1. Spiderman’s evil came from within. It was his own desire of revenge. It was his own pride and arrogance. It was his weakness. Interesting. I counsel a lot of people in pastoral ministry. A Common thread among many that I counsel repeatedly – They are victims, or so they feel. It is God’s fault. Their Dad’s fault. Their Boss’ fault. Their Husband or Wife’s fault. You name it. The reason I counsel them repeatedly? – They won’t take an honest look in the mirror.
  2. To aid in depicting the Evil, Peter Parker went EMO. If you don’t know what EMO is, ask your teenager, or if you don;t know one – ask the first one you see at the mall. I’m not drawing any conclusions, just find it interesting they used that sub-culture to depict Evil.
  3. Spiderman, a super hero couldn’t conquer his weaknesses’ or his enemies alone. Even he needed other people in his life.
  4. Mary Jane was hurt that Peter Parker would flirt with another girl…What, I thought Grey’s Anatomy was fixing us narrow minded hate mongers (me) that a little play is ok – just feel bad about it for a minute or two. Interesting.

There are plenty others…what did you see???

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