Dr. Lee Roberson at Home with the Lord

Dr. Lee Roberson, founder of Tennessee Temple University and long time pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church passed away Sunday Morning, April 29th 2007.

Dr. Roberson had a profound influence on my life. As a graduate of TTU I was privileged to see up close and personal the total dedication he had for the Lord Jesus Christ. He was a general in the Lord’s Army. He served his Commander in Chief well.

One thought on “Dr. Lee Roberson at Home with the Lord

  1. I come to you as the current president of the TTU Alumni Association and board member of the Lee Roberson Foundation with this challenge:We must carry on the passion of Dr. Roberson. Daily he helped students follow God’s plan, straight from his own pocket. He provided scholarships for students who wanted to do all God planned for them. Go to http://www.leeroberson.org and make a generous donation to the scholarship fund Dr. Roberson formed just before his walk into glory.According to the presentation of his son at the celebration Service, Dr. Roberson considered the idea of a foundation to assist students in their Christian education as “perfect”. You can find not only the DVD offer of the service but other offers for the exchange of a donation to the foundation fund for students.

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