August Music Pics

Here are some late summer albums I recommend:

1. Stellar Kart – We can’t stand sitting down

I don’t know what kind of music Stellar Kart plays, they don’t either according to their website, but it rocks! Me and Jesus, best song on the album, listen to a clip on MySpace.

2. Audio Adrenaline – Adios, The Greatest Hits

As announced earlier this year, 2006 will mark the final chapter in the Audio Adrenaline history books. This is a collection of many years of work. You can listen to clips at their website here.

3. Barlow Girl – Another Journal Entry

Parents of daughters: These girls a great role models for your teenage girls. They don’t conform, as a matter of fact, that is their message. I need you to love me is an incredible song of worship. Of course, they rock it out to on this new CD.

These are all in my CD player now, put them in yours…unless you do the IPod thing, then load them on your IPod!


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