We have said this for a long time…

Dirty song lyrics can prompt early teen sex
Degrading messages influence sexual behavior, study finds

Teens whose iPods are full of music with raunchy, sexual lyrics start having sex sooner than those who prefer other songs, a study found.
Whether it’s hip-hop, rap, pop or rock, much of popular music aimed at teens contains sexual overtones. Its influence on their behavior appears to depend on how the sex is portrayed, researchers found.

Read the rest of the article HERE on MSNBC

I have observed this study in my ministry for some time. I would like to add to the findings that teen targeted TV shows heavily influence the lifestyles of your children. The O.C., One Tree Hill, Laguna Beach and show like them glorify young people beingrebelliouss towards parents and teachers, sexually care free and a host of other un-realistic and destructive behaviors.

This is a battle that must be fought – dodging it is easy, but dangerous.

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2 thoughts on “We have said this for a long time…

  1. I think that any parent who thinks that the lyrics dont mean much should sit down and listen to the songs that are out there today. C’mon a song entitled “Promiscuous Girl” isn’t telling young teens that having sex is the cool thing to do? Praise God that there are great Christian artists out there with good music and good lyrics.

  2. I personally don’t believe song lyrics are very influential to teens having sex. Truthfully, it is absentee parents who allow Disney, the radio, and the TV raise their kids for them. If a child has no guide in their life, then they are going to search for one, and they may look to find a hero elsewhere and take that fictional hero’s world to heart.Growing up, my father was my hero and het set the example that i lived by. I listened to crazy music, and i remember the conspiracy theorists that said things like “Metallica sends subliminal messages that makes you kill people.” Well, after a psychology degree later, i know that is entirely impossible. But my guide in life was my father, my parents, not the TV. And that is who’s actions i memiced.I remember watching star trek, 90210 (a parent to the movies on your list), and I think children are smart enough to seperate fact from fiction.On a day in and day out basis, at the at-risk school i teach at, it is not the children that are watching whatever they want to watch on TV that are in danger. Its the kids who play out in the street and at the park all the time, because home isn’t a safe or desireable place to be. There is a definite correlation between parental involvement and child development. The correlation between music (or TV) and child development I have observed to be marginal. As a matter of fact, a child who likes a diverse choice in music, is usually an early early sign of high intelligence.

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