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Until recently I have never liked ‘Christian movies’ because they looked like advanced home movies. The acting was always sub par and they were rated by cheeseyness. The Passion of the Christ taught big money Hollywood people and important lesson: families want to see quality, family friendly, clean movies – EVEN movies of faith! In the last 3 years or so, G and PG rated films have out performed the PG-13 and R rated films.
With this trend I am posting 3 incredible films. These spiritual, yet entertaining movies are professional in quality and impacting in message. Rent or buy them soon for your family.

1. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
C.S. Lewis’ classic children’s tale has finally made it to the big screen in a way that captures the novel’s breadth and splendor. When Lucy climbs into a huge wardrobe while playing hide and seek, the furs give way to firs, and she finds herself in a snow-covered land called Narnia. Soon all the Pevensie children enter this magical world where it is always winter but never Christmas.

2. The End of The Spear

Deep in the heart of the jungles of Ecuador, along the Amazon River basin, the Waodani Indians are murdering each other to the point of near-extinction. It’s the early 1950s and Nate Saint, along with four other young American Christian missionaries, sense the urgency of this crisis and set out to befriend the Waodani people. Nate and his friends, Jim Elliot, Roger Youderian, Pete Fleming and Ed McCully, land the plane on a sandbar and make face-to-face contact with the Waodani.
Five days later, their speared and hacked bodies lay in the Curaray River.

The story doesn’t end there, though. Narrated by Nate’s son, Steve, End of the Spear dramatically shows how that tragic day forever changes the lives of both the missionary families and the Waodani in a remarkable testimony of God’s redemptive power.

3. Luther

Imagine you’re an honest man trying to be loyal to a church, but you discover it’s filled with the kind of wholesale corruption that can only be compared to the kind Jesus found when he threw the moneychangers out of the temple. Imagine that this church you are a part of is the only one in all the surrounding countries—and that it wields cultural influence, and political power so great that speaking out against it could be fatal. Above all, imagine that the only God you know is an angry judge, bound to condemn you to hell for your sins.
Now imagine that you discover that God isn’t itching to punish you, but in fact loves you more than you’ve ever dreamed possible—a truth so important to you that you’re willing to take on this church, no matter what it costs you.
Such were the life and times of Martin Luther, the 16th century German monk-turned-historic-church-reformer.

6 thoughts on “Parent Sources: Spiritainment

  1. I haven’t seen the movie. But from what i understand the “Luther” movie is understood by most to be pretty historically inaccurate.I do want to see the Chronicles of Narnia though. I haven’t seen it yet, and until the movie came out, i didn’t even realize the all the biblical parallels that CS Lewis had put into the book. Very interesting once one of my friends explained it to me. I proceeded to name my new puppy Aslan, after the king 🙂

  2. I believe Church history would say the movie is very accurate. There are obvious dramatic elements that cannot be confirmed, but the Middle Ages were the dark ages for the church. It had become corrupt and centered on man. The events of the Reformation are still painful to many Roman Catholics. The Reformation not only helped purify Theology and bring to light grace, but it helped begin a purifying process for the Catholic church as well.

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