ABIDE: How to Read the Bible

I’m convinced one of the primary reasons Christians don’t read the Bible more, is because they don’t know how to. The culture and customs of the Bible are different than our modern experience. It can be hard to discern what the Bible is saying through its different literature types.

But it’s not Rocket Science. Loving and savoring the Scripture is not for the academic or spiritually elite. I believe everyone can get more out of their Bible study. When you do, it will give you a clearer and more majestic view of who God is.

When it comes to Spiritual Formation, the Scripture is central. It’s how we gain a vision of who Jesus is. It’s a core way we spend time with Jesus as his apprentices.

To help deepen your experience with the Bible, I’ve created a resource to help you dig in and understand the teachings of Scripture. I’ve also created a video series where I walk through the New Testament Letter, Philippians. This will allow you to study the “technique” of Bible Study and watch it in practice.


Philippians Video Study Playlist:

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