Philippians Bible Study Preview

Philippians Study Overview

3 Components:

Watch and Listen. You’ll watch or listen to a 10-minute teaching from me as we work section by section through Philippians. You’ll do this in preparation for our time together online.

Coaching: I’ll coach you through a transformative process of examining, interpreting and applying the Bible. I’ll also share a few tools and tips to help you see and understand the Bible in clearer, richer and deeper depths. We’ll do this in “big picture” ways, teaching through methods of Bible study. We’ll also do this as we go through Philippians. Imagine how a coach goes through game film with his/her team.

Show and Tell: As you work through Philippians yourself, you will share what you’re learning, wrestling through and applying to your own life.

The second two parts will be done via video conference and last 25-30 minutes. My hope is that you will be encouraged and challenged as we walk through Philippians together, but even more so, that this experience will benefit you going forward as you mine the riches of God’s Word.


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