“best of” Podcast Episodes – February 2018 Edition

“best of” is a new feature I’m adding to the blog in 2018. I’ll share various resources including books, articles, videos, and podcasts that I find helpful and challenging.

My first “best of” features the 5 best podcast episodes I’ve listened to from a variety of voices and genres ranging from leadership to story-telling to gospel nourishing sermons or talks. Without further ado:

Parenting is Gospel Ministry featuring Paul Tripp on The Gospel Coalition Podcast.

Paul Tripp does what Paul Tripp does. He shows us how the goal of parenting isn’t to get our kids to achieve a proficient level of behavioral compliance, but rather continually point our child’s heart to their need of the Gospel. In reality, this episode isn’t just about getting to the hearts of our children, but how God uses our children, parenting, and marriage to get at our hearts.

White Haze featured on the This American Life Podcast.

White Supremacy movements have moved from the shadows out into the open, most notably in a Charlottesville, Virgina rally that led to violence and death. This podcast episode interviews and provides commentary on one of the more prominent White Supremacist groups, The Proud Boys. **Caution: This episode contains alarming content and adult language.

Scott Sauls on Unhealthy Ambition, Envy, and Isolation in Leadership featured on The Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast.

So much of what we are told makes a good leader today doesn’t reflect the philosophy and way of history’s greatest leader – Jesus Christ. In this podcast, Scott Sauls riffs with Carey Nieuwhof about some of the most dangerous pitfalls leaders face and how to avoid them. Scott is one of the most influential voices in my thinking, leadership, and ministry.

Raising Daughters Beyond Stereotypes featuring Jen Wilkin on The Gospel Coalition Podcast.

As a parent of a 9-year-old daughter, this talk resonated deeply with me. This episode could also be titled, “Why it is important for men and women to see each other as brothers and sisters created in the image of God.” Alas, that title is too long, but Jen powerfully and passionately helps guide us to sanity in a culture so confused about gender, relationships, hyper-feminism, and hyper-patriarchy.

The Perilous State Of The University featuring Jonathan Haidt and Jordan Peterson on The Jordan Peterson Podcast.

In this episode, Jordan Peterson talks with Jonathan Haidt about the polarization of our culture, tribalism, and lack of diversity of political belief in the humanities and the social sciences in the University sector. It is a bit academic, but a fascinating look into the psychological and sociological reasoning behind our easily offended and viciously adversarial culture today.


Disclaimer: The “best of” podcast episodes are helpful and beneficial, but I do not endorse every view or idea presented.

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