Getting more out of your Bible study

“Brad, when I read the Bible I just don’t get all of that out of it.”

I’ve heard that statement dozens of times over the years after a sermon or a small group series.  What the person saying it really means is, “I’ve read that before, multiple times even, but I didn’t see or understand all that you just taught.  How did you get that, when I didn’t?”

It’s not Rocket Science.  It’s also not some nonsensical “anointed Man of God” mumbo jumbo.  I think everyone can get more out of their Bible reading.  When you do, it will give you a clearer and more majestic view of who God is.  The better we learn to see, listen to and obey the triune God – Father, Son and Spirit – the better we will worship, love and live.

To help you I’ve put together a resource I’m calling Word.  It is designed for individuals or groups to use to help them engage in deeper and more meaningful Bible Study.

The next few posts will have brief videos clips from a lecture I gave called “Parents of the Word”.  This first clip (the longest, 15 minutes) is an introduction and a guide to get started in Bible Study.  I’ve also put together a workbook that individuals or small groups could use as a resource for the study.  You can download the Workbook with blanks HERE.  Or, the Workbook with the Answers is also Available for group leaders HERE.

In Part Two we consider some practical and spiritual preparations for Bible study.
In Part Three we consider how to choose what to read and study. Also, some thoughts on how to read the Bible effectively.
In Part Four we finally get to the 3 Core Principles of Bible study beginning with Step One: Observation, What is the Bible saying?
In Part Five we move to Step Two: Interpretation, What does the Bible mean?
In Part Six we conclude by looking at Step Three: Application, What do I do? (and some helpful Bible Study tools)


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