4 reasons I’m excited to launch our new teaching series: Acts

This Sunday we kickoff our summer series at Fellowship Church Pellissippi: Acts.  I’ve been looking forward to this series for some time and here is why:

1) Our whole congregation will be synced up and involved.  Our preschoolers and elementary aged kids will be walking through the Book of Acts in their incredible environments.  This will allow parents and their children to have some meaningful family discipleship conversations because the scripture content will be the same.

2) It will go beyond Sunday.  I asked one of our young pastoral residents, Zach Barnhart, to create a reading and devotional guide for our church to use during the summer.  Each day our church will be reading through small portions of Acts.  Each week there will be a family devotional as well.  Life Groups, families and individuals will all be able to go deeper and go personal with the Reading Guide.  Imagine a whole church, all reading and digging into the same scriptures? You can download it here to print off, have on your tablet or computer: http://fellowshipknox.org/files/files/Acts%20Reading%20Plan.pdf

3) You can vacation and not miss a beat!  Because of the reading plan and special media features we’ll have to recap the study – missing a Sunday for vacation won’t leave you feeling like you’ve missed out.  Enjoy family time away!  Even do the family devotional at the beach!

4) The reason I’m most excited about working through Acts is the reason were doing it.  Our church is just 16 months old.  We’ve moved from being a “new-born” baby church learning to eat, sleep and well you know…to a young church learning to walk.  We want to learn to walk in a healthy way.  We want to look like the church God has destined us to be.  So what does it mean to be a healthy, Gospel-centered church on mission for God’s glory?  That’s what we want to discover as we journey through the high and lows, the makes and misses, the good, the bad and the ugly of the church’s very beginning.

Not connected to a local church?  Download the Reading Guide and join us this Sunday at Karns High School beginning at 10am to explore the history of Christianity, particularly the purpose and mission of the church.

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