It’s been a long journey – about 1,825 days long.  Lots of prayer.  Lots.  Lots of paperwork, fingerprints, background checks, notary appointments and much more.  Lots of money.

But worth every bit of it all.

Allow me to introduce you to the newest members of the Raby family:

Wasswa (Andrew), Kato and Simon.

blog boys small

They have arrested our hearts.  We have been able to spend the last couple of weeks getting to know them and they us.  Love crosses all languages and cultures.  The first 30-45 minutes were nervous minutes.  Then we all settled down and laughed and played a while.  By the end of day 1 we got hugs when we left.  By the end of day 10 we got tears when we left.

Today we were officially granted guardianship of these precious boys. (Adoption is finalized when we bring them home to the US.)  We still have some more paperwork and immigration processes to work through, but hopefully in the next several weeks many of you will get to see them in person too.  They are unique, smart and beautiful boys.

God has been so faithful.  The hardship of the process has brought Julie and me closer to Him and closer to each other.  The connection we already have with the boys is brought by His grace and work.  It’s so miraculous I can’t even begin to quantify it.

It’s not going to be easy.  We’re growing by 3 boys.  No English + new culture + new surroundings x 3 = Hard.  People think we’re crazy and ask us “Why did you say yes to 3?!”  Honestly, we’ve asked the same question.  But it all comes down to this: Our own adoption.  We have been adopted and Jesus didn’t spare any cost for us.  The Cross was a greater sacrifice than any emotional energy, financial stability, or time I’ll ever have to sacrifice.

I preached years ago that we needed to stop asking ourselves what compassion would cost us, but what withholding it would cost others.  Time to walk it out.  Truth is though, we’re not losing out on anything.  We’re gaining the blessing and honor of loving and raising these three young men, our sons.

Plus, look at them! How could we ever say no?!


One thought on “Our Boys

  1. I could not be happier for all of you! I am crying tears of joy as I read and look at these wonderful faces! As an adopted child, I am so glad that you stuck with it and didn’t give up. We can’t wait to meet them. We love you all!
    Angie G.

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