A Dangerous Theology of Faith.

Bad theology is dangerous.  What we believe affects how we feel.  What we believe affects how we behave.  What we believe affects the choices we make.

So what we believe is very important.

There is a theological idea that is wildly popular in many churches today that has the potential to wound and destroy the faith of many Christians.  It creates a weight that no man or woman can bare. It produces disillusionment with God and the church. Like many bad theologies – it is very subtle.  Well meaning pastors, Sunday school teachers, small group leaders and the like unwittingly promote this dangerous idea:

 “If you have enough faith, God will change your circumstances.”

If you just have enough faith God will take the cancer away.  He’ll change your husband. You’ll get the job or admission into the school program.  Your wayward child will come to their senses.  That…

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