Looking for Light in the Darkness

This past weekend was on of the most challenging messages I’ve ever preached.  It was challenging for a number of reasons.

  1. The content was intense.  Anxiety, depression and mental health are serious and complicated issues.
  2. Time restraints.  It’s hard to delve into such deep waters with just 35 minutes, but I really felt led by the Holy Spirit to at least take a step or two down the path – hopeful it might give some hope and open up some dialogue.
  3. My own struggles make me feel like a hypocrite.  I don’t always take my own advice.
  4. There is no 12 step program that makes it all better.  There is no neatly tied bow at the end.

I’ve decided to write a few posts, maybe even do a video blog or two that takes the conversation and little deeper and wider.  I want to answer some of the questions and concerns I’ve been emailed, texted or written to about since delivering the message.  Feel free to treat the entries like a conversation.  Ask anything you want.  I certainly don’t have all the answers, but we’ll look for light together.  In the meantime, below is the video and audio download link to the message.



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