Adoption Update – July 2014

We’re really overdue an Adoption update!  So many of you are praying for us and have given towards our Adoption Fund.  For this we are and will always be eternally grateful.  One of Julie and I’s greatest joys has been to see pictures of our family and friends wearing the HOPE t-shirts.  They have literally been worn all over the world!

We’ve been waiting for our referral (our matchup with our future Ugandan born son) for several months now.  We hoped it would come in the Spring, but that didn’t work out in our favor.  So why the long wait?  In short, International Adoption in challenging and can be unpredictable.  In our case the total number of referrals coming from our Adoption Agency’s partner orphanages has been very slow until very recently.  The reasons are mixed and varied, but the two largest reasons are 1) The legitimacy inspections by the private investigators ensuring that we adopt ethically are taking longer than usual.  2) The legal process has been sluggish.

However, it was reported to us that there were 5 new referrals in the month of June for adoptive parents.  That just puts us that much closer to being next.  Right now our agency expects that we should have a referral by late Fall.  This would mean traveling to Uganda in early 2015 to adopt our future son.

Keep us and future Andrew in your prayers!

Brad, Julie and Rylee

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