Help us adopt Andrew

Dear Friends,

As many of you know Julie and I have felt called to advocate for orphans for several years. We also knew this would mean adopting a child ourselves. That time has come and we couldn’t be more excited about adopting a little boy from the African country of Uganda.

The cost will be great to us, but worth every penny and all the work we’ve put into it because it will mean one less orphan in the world. The total cost is around $35,000. Of that we’ve already saved, raised and invested $14,000. We’re working hard to raise the remainder of the funds needed to travel to Uganda twice this spring/summer to bring Andrew home.

We would be so encouraged if you could help us answer this call. There are a few easy things you can do for us right now to help this dream come true.

1.) Pray for our family. Not only do we need to raise the funds, but we’ll be spending over a month in Uganda sometime in the next several months.
2.) Help us spread the word. Tell your family and friends about our cause and advocate on our behalf.
3.) Buy this AWESOME T-SHIRT!  We get $10 for every shirt sold, but we must sell a minimum of 50. We designed a shirt you’ll like to wear!
4.) Give a tax deductible gift directly to our Adoption Fund here:

Thank you so much for considering us, but even more so – Andrew!

With much love,

Brad and Julie Raby

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