Adoption and the Raby Family

Picture1To my shame I’ve not shared regular updates regarding our adoption process.  Many of you know we decided to adopt 3 years ago.  It can get frustrating to give the same news: “We’re still waiting” or “the situation didn’t work out”.  Don’t read this as a pity party, just a statement of the reality.

However, the last couple of months have brought about some big, scary, exciting changes and developments.  Earlier this year Julie and I made the decision to leave the domestic adoption program here locally to persue international adoption in the African country Uganda.  Honestly, this is what God put on our hearts 10 years ago while living in Florida just 1 year into our marriage.  We just didn’t see how it could ever become a financial possibility for us.  This is hilarious and ridiculous considering we believe Jesus rose from the grave.  Is providing $25 thousand dollars really beyond His power?  A friend rebuked me at lunch one day several months ago of my lack of faith and confidence in God in this particular area.

Thank you, Andy.

We’ve completed 95% of our home study process (which approves us to adopt) and are preparing to raise funds to complete the adoption and travel to Uganda twice with the Lord’s help over the next 6-8 months.  We’ve already raised or saved up 1/3 of the costs.  This month you could help us raise a portion of the funds by giving us the stuff lying around your basement, attic or garage.

On Saturday, July 20th we’re hosting a Yard Sale where all the proceeds will go towards our Uganda adoption fund.  If you have furniture, electronics, nice clothing, baby supplies etc. that you would like to donate, e-mail me or Julie.  We are happy to come pick it up or arrange for you to drop it off.

Or, stop by 925 Tree Trunk Rd. Knoxville, TN 37934 and buy something!

Thanks for Adopting with us!

Brad and Julie

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