Our Mighty Warrior

warrior2Who is this King of glory?
The Lord, strong and mighty,
the Lord, mighty in battle! (Psalms 24:8 ESV)

I was reflecting this morning on the good news that Christ Jesus, our Lord, has defeated every foe in battle and has already won the war
against Satan.  Furthermore, He is for us and wars on our behalf today against evil and temptation.

However, it occurred to me that this is not the best news. The greatest news is that Jesus has won another war – He won the war over
my evil heart. It is wonderful that Jesus has won wars FOR me, but even greater that He was won the war IN me.  The power of His
resurrection is such that grace has won over my rebellious heart.  His love has conquered all my sin.  I love the words of the famous
British preacher Charles Spurgeon:

“The saved may well adore their Lord for his conquests in them, since the arrows of their natural hatred are snapped, and the weapons of their rebellion broken. What victories has grace won in our evil hearts! How glorious is Jesus when the will is subdued, and sin dethroned! As for our remaining corruptions, they shall sustain an equally sure defeat, and every temptation, and doubt, and fear, shall be utterly destroyed. In the Salem of our peaceful hearts, the name of Jesus is great beyond compare: he has won our love, and he shall wear it.”

He has won our love, and He shall wear it! It is because He first won the battle in us that we are now more than conquerors.

Our human nature is such that we hate to lose, but how great it was to lose this battle.

For those who have surrendered their evil hearts to Christ, there is great news: He was won us and made us new.

– Brad

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