“Look daddy, I’m so beautiful”

Yesterday, Rylee was digging through a bag of clothes a friend had given us and found a scarf she liked.  She immediately wrapped it around her neck and exclaimed to me, “Look daddy, I’m so beautiful”.

To which I responded, “Yes you are!”

Rylee’s three years-old, and thinks she is beautiful.  Why does she think this?  It’s certainly not evolutionary and natural.  It’s certainly not what she’s picking up on the TV or in modern magazines.  I believe Rylee think’s she’s beautiful because her mom and I tell her so everyday.  I tell her explicitly that she is pretty and beautiful everyday.  It’s not somethng I want her to “pick up on”.  It’s not something that I think should be assumed by her.  I want her to have no doubts her Daddy believes she is pretty and beautiful and loved.  I’ve spent too much time counseling young adolescent girls whose whole life would be different if they would have had the affirmation of thier father.  If their mother wouldn’t have made remarks about their weight.

So to all you Dads out there – this weekend being Father’s Day is a good reminder of the role we play in our children’s lives – especially our daughter’s.

My daughter thinks she’s beautiful at age 3. I plan on doing my best to see that she feels and thinks that when she is 15 too.

– Brad

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