Adoption Update

Many of you know Julie and I have a strong burden for adoption.  To us it is the purest picture of the Gospel that we as men and women can project to the world.  We have felt for almost 10 years now that God would have us be adoptive parents.  We went through all the approval process in 2010, and were placed on the waiting list just about one year ago.  We learned just a few weeks ago that we had actually been chosen my a mother for adoption.  The placement was supposed to take place in mid-December.  However, about 2 weeks before the placement the mother changer her mind and couldn’t go through with it.

When Julie and I heard this news we felt both encouragement and disappointment.  Encouraged because after waiting a year you get VERY anxious and sometimes frustrated by the system and the process.  So it was encouraging to know we had been chosen, but also disappointed that it didn’t happen.

We are confident with God’s plan in our adoption and eagerly await the day.  Thank you so much to those of you who consistently ask for an update and keep praying for us.

– Brad and Julie

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