We all need another set of eyes

Recently I asked Rylee what kind of snack she wanted.  She replied, “goldfish” referring to the orange childrens cracker every parent with young children know about.  I went to the pantry, but couldn’t find any goldfish, so I countered Rylee’s request with pretzels.  However she was dead set on having goldfish.  So I tried to explain to her that we were out, and didn’t have any goldfish.  Pretzels are really good alternative after all, right?  Rylee responded by saying “I’ll help you find some goldfish”.  She proceeded to march to the pantry and within 5 seconds pulled out a bag of…..goldfish crackers.

I totally missed them.  I couldn’t believe it.  How could a 2 year-old find in 5 seconds what I was convinced wasn’t there?

Rylee reminded me of a vital lesson all of us need to be aware of: We all need another set of eyes.  How many times have I had a poor attitude and not been able to see it?  How many times have I let pride and selfish ambition take up residence in my heart and not be able to see it? How many times has there been an obvious wise choice, but I somehow missed it?  The answer to all of those questions is: too many times.  You see, we all have times when we are blinded to the obvious.  We all have blind spots – many of which we are not even aware exist.  This is why we need other people who love us and care for us to speak truth into our lives.

Is it possible that there are some things in your life that you’ve been missing?  Not sure? Find a good friend and just ask.

– Brad

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