“I wish I had learned that 20 years ago”

Sunday after the service a lady told me that she wished she would have heard the “Baggage Check” message 20 years ago.  She said it would have saved her a lot of pain and made a big difference in her life.  I appreciated hearing that, and it got me to thinking: What do I wish I had learned earlier in life that could have saved me a lot of regrets, pain, or frustration?  I’ll offer up a few, and encourage you to leave some of your insights here as well.

I wish I had learned that relationship building was more important than good ideas and planning programs.  In other words I wish I had spent more time building people, instead of programs when I first got into ministry.

I wish I listened more and talked less when I was younger…and now.

I wish I had done more to fix broken relationships.

I wish I had heard of Dave Ramsey at 18, not 26.

There are many more principles and lessons I wish I would have learned earlier, but I didn’t. What’s important now is that I learn from past mistakes, and use that knowledge to make wiser choices in the future.  The past is in the past.  We can leave the negative behind thanks to the grace of God.  We can also be wiser about the future.

What lesson do you wish you had learned 20 years ago? Leave us a comment below.

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