8 ways a man can love his wife

The following is an excerpt from last Sunday’s sermon notes.  The list originated from a message by Mark Driscoll entitled “Men and Marriage”.

The Scripture teaches that  a husband is to love his wife.  The word “love” used in Colossians 3:19 and Ephesians 5:25 refers to an active love – a love that is demonstrated with action.  The greatest way a husband can demonstrate love to his wife is by honoring her.  Here are 8 ways a man can love/honor his wife:

  1. Honor her maritally. Take a wife honorably. Establish right priorities, and be a one woman man–absolutely faithful to your wife.
  2. Honor her physically. Be strong for your wife, not against her. Be protective of her and present with her.
  3. Honor her emotionally. Be emotionally present and intimate.
  4. Honor her verbally. Speak honorably to her. Speak honorably of her, when she is present and absent.
  5. Honor her financially. Provide for the financial needs of your family, organize your budget, and be generous towards your wife.
  6. Honor her practically. Consider her needs and how you can serve.
  7. Honor her parentally. Be “Pastor Dad” by shepherding your children (praying with them, teaching them about Jesus).
  8. Honor her spiritually. You initiate and lead prayer, Bible, chats, church attendance, etc. Take responsibility for your church.
Husbands, Love your wives.
– Brad

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