Reflections on our first month

Discovery Church is a month old now.  Thank you so much to all our volunteers who make what we do possible!

In our first 5 weeks we have looked at the core values of Discovery Church.  These values are what keep us “In Rhythm” when we pursue our mission of helping people Discover Life in Jesus Christ.  All 5 messages are available online HERE.

Some highlights from the month:

  • We’ve launched with healthy attendance and giving – praise the Lord
  • Every week there were stories of how God was at work in people’s lives.
  • We had several first time guests.
  • We gave $750 to support the A21 campaign and wrote dozens of letters to encourage and lift up the women in the shelters.
  • Dozens of people participated in out 545 Study (5 minutes for 5 days going deeper in the Word based on our weekend teaching)
  • Our series ended with a great Sunday.  Great because someone gave their heart to Jesus Christ – it was especially great for me because it was my sister.
  • We had a huge response from those attending to serve on a ministry team.

Looking forward to month #2!


– Brad


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