Updates and the such

  • Thank you to all who helped bring awareness to the epidemic of Human Trafficking last week.  If we all do a little, we have a huge impact.  Also, thanks to those who gave to help support the A21 campaign, and organizational committed to the abolition of young women.  We were able to give just under $1,000 to this cause.
  • I’m loving the move to weekly services at Discovery Church.  We’re discussing our core values, and how they guide us in our “In Rhythm” series.  You can watch the teaching and download the weekly study guides at www.thediscoverychurch.net
  • I keep hearing stories of people who are unchurched, or who have been out of church for a long time, coming to Discovery Church and wanting to come back because they are accepted, they understand it, and they actually like it….imagine the that…people liking church!  One guy told me, “it doesn’t feel like a chore here”.
  • When you know you are following God and so many good things are happening in people’s lives, it makes the criticism roll of your back so much easier and quicker.
  • I’m 30 now.  I don’t feel old, but it did occur to me that I remember my parents when they were in their 30s…it seems like it was just yesterday.  Time goes by so fast, we have to make the most of it.  I also told God about 8 years ago that I’d like to plant a church when I was 30. I feel like He said Happy Birthday to me in a big way this month.
  • My wife through a surprise party for me.  She is awesome like that.  Her cake was something you’d see on Ace of Cakes too.
  • We have room for 2 more people in my young leaders coaching group.  HERE is more information on it.

Have a Great Day!

– Brad

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