Important news about THIS Friday

This weekend will be marked by the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.  MLK day is a memorial to the great civil rights leader who ushered in change and had a ‘Dream’ of racial equality here in America.

I have a dream to.  It’s radical and outlandish like Dr. King’s was.  My dream is to be part of a movement that begins and eventually sees the end of modern-day slavery.  27 million people, mostly young women are in slavery today.  27 million!  Numbers that large are hard for us to relate to, so let me frame it this way: ‘What if your daughter, or sister was sold into slavery?’

God has called us to set the captive free, defend the fatherless and correct the oppressor (Isaiah 1:17).  We are going to do something about it, and I hope you will join us.

On January 21st Discovery Church will partner again with the A21 Campaign to abolish human trafficking.  The A21 campaign is rescuing women from trafficking – JUST YESTERDAY another young women was rescued.  They also are counseling, rehabilitating these young women.  The girls receive job training through A21 Campaign so they don’t end back up in the sex trade.  Our goal is to raise $5,000 by getting 250 people to give $21 dollars through our online giving service. 100% of what is given through Discovery Church will go to fight human trafficking.  We’ll be promoting through Twitter, Facebook, E-mail and whatever mediums we can.  You can be a part by 1) giving  2) promoting and reposting to your friends  3)  Joining us to write letters of encouragement to the women in the A21 shelters.

YOU CAN BE FREEDOM FOR SOMEONE.  Will you join us? Mark your calendars for Friday, January 21st. Check out this video below:

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