An update on our Hope Initative

We have determined to make putting others first a way of life at Discovery Church.  To help cement this in our DNA from the beginning we decided to give 51% of our offerings away in our October and November preview services.

In October we wanted to give Hope to our local community.  We were just short of $6,000 in offerings, so we have given $3,000 of it back to our community. (more than 51%) Here is who we’ve helped bring Hope too:

  • Support for Water Angels ministry, bringing hope to the homeless in Knoxville. We’ll be serving there Sunday, December 12th.
  • By partnering with the Salvation Army we have purchased several turkeys for Thanksgiving baskets.
  • Financial support for a local family who have lost health insurance and have been unable to work while caring for their child with what we’re praying has gone from a terminal illness, to a miraculous recovery.
  • We contributed to the memorial fund for the children of Ryan Shoup, Farragut High’s beloved teacher and coach, who suddenly passed away last week.  We continue to pray for the Shoup family and the Farragut High School family.

THANK YOU for being HOPE!

November’s initiative is Hope for the World.  We’re going to build a church in Kenya, and help stop Sex Trafficking around the world.  More to come.


– Brad

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