17 years ago…

Well, almost 18 years ago in the early fall of 1993 as a young teenage boy I declared that I was “called to preach”.  I was pretty surprised at the support I was given at the time, but I know some people had to think…he’s 13, he’ll grow out of it, things will change etc.  The truth is, much has changed about me in 17 years.  However, one thing that has remained constant is the burning desire to preach and teach the Word of God to the hearts of people.

I used to think of the day when I would pastor a church, and what it would look like.  That day is here, and it’s nothing like I imagined – it’s greater.  I feel such an awesome and heavy privilege to lead a small group of people on an massive endeavor to plant a church that will impact a community.  On September 19th at 11am Discovery Church will have it’s very first worship service at Farragut High School in West Knoxville.  It will be the beginning of an exciting journey.

We can’t do this alone though.  I’m asking you to pray for us and consider partnering with us and giving to help us launch.

Helping people Discover Life in Jesus Christ,

Brad Raby

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