Re: Reflection

Awakening.  That seems to be the word in my mouth, and on my brain lately.  Not just because of the fact that it is a powerful new anthem of the Christian faith – written by Chris Tomlin. ( We sang it at Student Life Camp, in the van, in the hotel, and now we’ll be singing it in FUEL)  Awakening is the word that is on my mind because I see it.

I see it in the generation that is coming.  I see the thirst for something more.  I see the passion to live for something greater than ourselves in them.  I see a sense of clarity in our students that God is greater and stronger – that there is NONE that compares to HIM.  I can see that they ‘get it’ because they see that Christ is supposed to be more than a part of their lives – they see that Christ is to BE their lives.

I believe Awakening comes from the ability to see what others cannot see.  There has to be a revelation, maybe we’re more comfortable saying an illumination – of who God is.  Accumulating facts about God seems to have been the goal in the past – not anymore.  Seeing and knowing God is the goal now.

Awakening…that’s what we need.  We’ve hit the snooze button enough.  It’s time to Awaken, Fully Alive to God’s Glory.

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