Why plant a church in Knoxville?

THE FOLLOWING IS A RE-POST from February 12, 2008. Since the announcement that we are looking to lant a church this fall in West Knoxville – the question I seem to get asked most often is: why?, and why here?


That is the thought that runs through many people’s minds when they discover I want to plant a church in Knoxville, Tennessee.

First, “Why start a church?…can’t you just go pastor one that already exists?”

Then, “Why plant a church in East Tennessee – Isn’t there a church on every corner there?”

I’ll dedicate the next couple of posts to answering those questions.

So, why launch a new church? The simple answer is this: God said to. While I was in college I began to think about the possibility of starting a church from scratch. The overwhelming motivation then was simple…I wasn’t looking forward to the political crap I knew so many pastors dealt with in trying to lead a church. I figured that a church with no history has no “We’ve always done it this way”. A church with no history has no major interpersonal conflicts to overcome. A new church has no deacons, boards, and trustees to persuade.

For the record, that is a terrible reason to start a church – an understandable reason, but a terrible reason.

As time went on I matured and my motivation shifted from ‘What kind of church I didn’t want to lead’, to learning ‘What kind of church God wanted me to lead’. Long story short, I knew the best option would be to start a new church. Over the past few years God has cemented the idea in my heart and has given me an overwhelming passion launch a new church close to where I grew up. (More on why I chose East Tennessee in the next post)

Today, I can’t imagine assuming the pastorate of an already established church because I know doing so would be absolute disobedience to God. Life isn’t always about doing what is easy, or seems to make the most sense. Life is ultimately about following God with all of your heart, soul and mind.

– Brad

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