The Cove, Protecting Dolphins, and me.

As I watch this video, I think to myself “Dolphins should be protected and treated well.” I also don’t think Sea World and scientists doing studies are the enemies either.

But, what I think most is this: Why can’t we rally around the unborn child, and advocate pro-life beliefs with such grandiose support and applause? Why is being pro-life for Dolphins so much easier to support? Why can’t the Dolphin hunters just refer to their craft as “selective reduction” and everything be OK? After all, that’s what we call it when we think an unborn baby has signs that it could have a “defect” like Down syndrome.

I know all the arguments about reproductive rights. I happen to think those rights are surrendered after sex, and life created. I believe in adoption over abortion to the millionth power.

So today, Julie and I begin the process of putting our actions where our mouth is. Today we filled out the preliminary application for adoption. We officially begin the journey that we’ve talked about for several years. We look forward to the road ahead. I can’t wait to love and hold a child so in need of love, care and provision.

Pray for us, and pray for more people to consider adoption.

– Brad

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