Ugly Arrogance

For most of the casual readers here at this post will be of little benefit to you, so I apologize.

There has been some fireworks exploding in the last couple of weeks with the news that Rick Warren has been invited to speak at John Piper’s Desiring God Conference.  Most of the contention has risen from what I call the “Angry Calvinists”.   It seems that if you do not agree with them in all the fine points of Reformed Theology, not only will they disagree with you, but they will do so with the childish fits that my 1 year old throws when I won’t let her play in the toilet.

It is a disgrace to Christianity.  It is more ammunition for my skeptic and atheist friends to shun Christianity.  It is immature.  It is silly.  It is quite frankly annoying.  Above all it is obnoxiously arrogant.

John Piper can have whoever he wants at his Desiring God Conference.  If I don’t like the line-up I don’t have to attend.  He’s not my elected official who is supposed to represent my values and voice.  For people to call on Piper to dis-invite Warren because the have theological and methodological disagreement with him is ridiculous.  Furthermore, for a ‘camp’ of theologians supposedly noted for their precise study of scripture and doctrine, they sure take all the fables told of Rick Warren’s theology etc. and swallow them whole without even a discerning look-over.

Kudos to Piper to stick by his decision.  It’s time for Driscoll, Chandler, Piper and the other advocates of New Calvinism and Reformed Theology to call on their followers to mature in their faith and quit being so angry all the time.  It’s just ugly.

Here’s John Piper’s defense of having Warren.

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