Just Do It

The other day I was counseling a student in my ministry and I said these words to him, “The things you don’t want to talk about, are things you most need to talk about.”  It’s so true.  So let’s have one of those conversations right now.

Some of you guys who are reading the post have looked at porn online in the last 48 hours.  You’re controlled by your lust.  Better yet, you’re a full-blown slave to your lust.  You need help.  You need not to pray another “God forgive me”…you’ve done that 1,234,876 times already.  Don’t get me wrong, you need repentance…and God will forgive.  But what your really need is accountability.  Real. Honest. Wise. Accountability.

Check this out.  My internet activity is monitored everytime I’m online.  Every two weeks an e-mail is sent to my accountability partner that will list any questionable/inappropriate websites I visit.  If I turn off the monitoring system, an e-mail is sent to my accountability partner telling him that I have turned off the software.

You need and can have the same setup.  It’s easy.  It’s free. It’s important.

First, you need to establish an accountability partner.  Guys, this needs to be a man, not a woman, not your wife.  This needs to be a person who is striving to walk with God.  This needs to be someone who will speak truth into your life and be honest with you.  This needs to be someone you can trust. 

Second, you need to download the X3watch software from the XXX Church guys HERE.  You and your accountability partner can download the software free. 

3. Download and read Porn Again Christian a free resource from Mark Driscoll.  Caution, it’s intense and really for men only.

We need each other, and we need to be pure vessels for God’s glory!

– Brad

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