Top 10 Velocity Takeaways

Last week I attended the Velocity Conference at Mountain Lake Church with some good friends.  It was a fantastic couple of days of learning and personal awakening.  Here are the top ‘nuggets’ to chew on:

“When you’re insecure in your own skin you’ll always find yourself comparing yourself with others, and copying what other’s do.” – Shawn Lovejoy

“Never count opinions, weigh opinions.” – Larry Osbourne

“A glacier is more powerful than an avalanche.” – Larry Osbourne

“It is the thing no one sees that produces the result that everyone wants.” – Steven Furtick

“95% of our churches are trying to be like the churches that can only reach 40% of our population at best.” – Alan Hirsch

“You can impress people from afar, but only impact them up close.” – Dave Gibbons

“If you treat your wife like your iPhone, you’ll have a great marriage.” – Dave Gibbons

“Your church must move beyond a vision statement, to a vision oriented state of mind.” – Will Mancini

“Humility is not denying your strengths, it’s being honest about your weaknesses.” – Rick Warren

“Be humble, or you WILL stumble.” – Rick Warren

 – Brad

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