One of my favorite thinkers/leaders, Tony Morgan had some great thoughts about change over on his blog. Here are some of my favorites:

It’s a lot easier to embrace change when you’re the one initiating it.

Change without vision is chaos.

Many times the most successful or positive changes also produce the most criticism.

Change doesn’t happen unless someone is responsible to deliver it.

It’s easier to embrace change when we see it rather than when we hear about it.

Change, even the best kind of change, will always generate some measure of fear and anger and sadness. In other words, someone will always despise the change and let you know about it.

It’s almost impossible to change a change that previously worked.

Organizations that don’t change die.

Slow change is rarely positive change.

If the change is easy, you’re probably not changing enough.

If everyone already recognizes the need for change, you’re obviously not the leader.

You can see the full post HERE.

– Brad

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