Time for a mind dump…

Let me begin by saying the following thoughts are my opinions, lest the comments and e-mails get too wild.

Here are some news items of late that I find ridiculous:

5.) The Mark McGwire ‘confession’. In his interview with Bob Costas, which I watched live on MLB network, McGwire tried to make the case that the ‘performance enhancing drugs’ that he took did not help his performance. He tried to sell us on the fact that he used them only to recover from injury.

Students all over this country have a new excuse when their teacher catches them cheating. “Mrs. Teacher, you don’t understand…these answers I have written under my sleeve didn’t help me make a good grade on the test – they only they helped me remember the answers. It’s not cheating.”

Dear Mark,

I am not the smartest person in the world, but I’m not stupid. So quit insulting my intelligence with this PR nonsense.

4.) This “Jersey Shore” craze. I watched 3 minutes of it and said to myself, “My 11 month old’s Baby Einstein videos are more entertaining than this.”

Plus, Michelle Obama said she wouldn’t let her kids watch it – let’s follow the First Lady’s advice.

3) Receiving a letter to let you know that your baby will be taken off life support. Forget the moral and ethical issues at stake in this story. It sounds like the parents were given the news by means of a letter. I would prefer a face to face meeting, no matter the discomfort or chance for it to become volatile.

My liberal friends keep telling me of the wonderful health care system to our north in Canada. No thanks.

2) Liberals over thinking. Read an article in Newsweek yesterday where a self professed moderate was criticizing President Obama for leading with his head, not his heart. In the same article he was critical of President Bush for doing what he wants Obama to do.

I know it is required that liberal Journalists take a shot at George W. Bush or Sarah Palin in each report they make – regardless of the topic, but when they do I just wish they would do so with a little more logic.

I expect http://www.salon.com/ or The Huffington Post to be irrational and sensationalist, but come on Newsweek…you can do better.

And the #1 most insanely ridiculous item of the day:

1) The National organization for Women and other feminist extremist groups calling for Pam and Tim Tebow’s commercial celebrating life to be cut from the Super Bowl. The story can be read HERE.

Let me make several points:
a) The headlines keep referring to the ad as an “Anti-Abortion” commercial. This journalistic manipulation began a few years ago when some genius discovered that it was easier to ridicule groups like Focus on the Family, and the American Family Association by referring to them as “Anti-Abortion” instead of “Pro-Life”. These same slime balls who have convinced themselves that they simply report and do not push ideologies would never refer to “Pro-Choice” groups as “Pro-Abortion”.

My honest feeling is that the ideological tide may be turning on the Abortion issue, and groups like Planned Parenthood and the NOW are scared to death.

Of course videos like this don’t help their cause: http://www.babycenter.com/2_inside-pregnancy-weeks-1-to-9_10302602.bc

b) The commercial is designed to celebrate life through the story of Pam Tebow choosing to go ahead with a risky pregnancy against her doctor’s advice. The result: the birth of Tim Tebow, whom Peter King, acclaimed sportswriter, refers to as “too good to be true”. King is not referencing his stellar career in college football, but his exemplary life off the field.

Terry O’Neill, the president of the National Organization for Women, said she had respect for the private choices made by women such as Pam Tebow but condemned the planned ad as “extraordinarily offensive and demeaning.”

So Terry, let me get this straight: A 30 second clip encouraging people to celebrate life and consider other options than abortion is “extraordinarily offensive and demeaning”???

Are you serious? Or, do you just have a Rolodex of responses to any other ideology than your own?

Then again, one of America’s greatest thinkers – Jemhu Greene, president of the New York-based Women’s Media Center, said that the Super Bowl was an event “designed to bring Americans together.”

I don’t know about you miss Greene, but as a Colts fan I don’t give a rip about coming together with Saints fans next week. Furthermore miss Greene, Roger Goodell would like you to know that the Super Bowl has been a global event for quite some time now. Even the half time show will be performed by some of our musical friends from the U.K.

c) Where is the outrage from women’s groups against companies like GoDaddy who will use the sexual exploitation of women to sell their products? Where ya at?

d) Isn’t it interesting that a group that promotes itself as “pro-choice”, vehemently opposed to CBS choosing what commercials it wants to air?

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is America. If you are offended by Pam Tebow’s story and Tim Tebow’s convictions then you can purchase for less than $10 at your neighborhood Walmart a brand new piece of technology called the remote control, and change the channel.

– Brad

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