Some thoughts

It’s been a long while since I’ve done some serious thought dumping at, so here goes!

Thought #1: I’ve never said “I wish I had a fever and was sick to my stomach” until today. My little girl Rylee is really sick for the first time. I hate her being sick. I wish I could take it away from her. I’d gladly be sick in her place.

Thought #2: Youth in Revolt, the latest R-rated high school debauchery comedy comes out this Friday. I noticed under the ratings the phrase, “Parent’s strongly cautioned.” Dear parent, If you let your child be entertained by this garbage – it is the child who needs to be strongly cautioned. Cautioned that their parents lack of wisdom can result in a generational slide filled with bad decisions that lead to pain and regret. Dad and mom…Be Smart. Kids, be smart even when mom and dad aren’t.

Thought #3: I spent 4 hours helping an 82 year old woman install a new computer and sync her IPod with podcasts she had downloaded. I really enjoyed it. I like helping elderly people with technology, and I really find it awesome that an 82 year old likes using a computer and IPod. Plus, we had some great theological conversation ranging from dispensationalism to reformed theology.

Thought #4: I don’t think wearing a suit and tie on Sunday is a sign of spirituality as a Christian minister. I do think it is a sign that one is lacking in spiritual maturity if they think it does.

Thought #5: Traditions that at one time make local churches very effective for the Kingdom, can eventually over time and several cultural shifts force those same churches to be very ineffective for the Kingdom.

Thought #6: It often takes more energy and effort to convince people to “buy in” to a vision, than it actually does to carry out the vision.

Thought #7: The reason for #6: We are not very good at Philippians 2:3.

Thought #8: The Smokey Mountain Brewery’s Ale Steak is delicious.

Thought #9: I married a woman above my league. By far my most significant accomplishment.

Thought #10: The BCS/Bowl System isn’t about money so much as it’s about the % of the money that goes to the big power schools/conferences. You see a playoff system would produce huge money, but the pieces of the pie would end up being more evenly distributed to smaller schools/conferences that had great seasons. The bowl system guarantees the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 10 etc a HUGE piece of pie with guaranteed bowl tie ins. A playoff system couldn’t guarantee that. Ironically the NCAA is a non-profit organization.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

Good night,


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