I Like Free Stuff

Especially really good free stuff!

The book Crazy Love by Francis Chan has really challenged my view of God lately. Actually it has challenged my view of the relationship I have with my God. I haven’t talked it up much…I’m not sure why…maybe because it is pretty intense…maybe because it’s message is just sinking in…I don’t know.

But, today I learned that the audio version of the book is being offered for FREE!, so I thought I would get the word out. Let me HIGHLY encourage you to visit THIS LINK and download this audio book. Hey, go by the paper version too.

Let me warn you. Don’t read it/Listen to it if you’re not ready to get uncomfortable with your Christian life. It may shake you up, really, it’s Crazy.

– Brad

5 thoughts on “I Like Free Stuff

  1. Maybe I am blind but I am not sure how to download this for free. It keeps telling me I have to pay. Help?

  2. JUst go through the order process (Create an account etc, and then when it ask you for a coupon code put in: JUL2009At the checkout it will take the cost off.Deadline is midnight on July 3rd.

  3. Crazy Love is an awesome and challenging read. Thanks for recommending it. It gave me new understanding to the concept of being lukewarm (Ouch). God is gracious though and I love what Francis says about God's umbrella of grace is sufficient to cover my shortfall.

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