For all the visits to There have been over 5,000 in the last year – which I really can’t believe that many people would come and return to listen to my occasional dribble and musings. So Thanks!

So here is what is going through my mind at 10:26 pm on Thursday evening.

– Rylee is sleeping, and unless she has an unusual night will sleep till almost 8AM tomorrow. I am really loving this stage more than the get up every 2 hours in the middle of the night. Rylee is 3 months and 1 week old today. Time Flies.

This affects me deeply in ways I never imagined before Rylee.

– I love God’s Church and how He is using people all over this globe for his glory. NewSpring baptized about 800 people this month. Take that Satan!

– The NBA is just ‘ehh’ to me these days.

– I love it when some of my old time fundamentalist friends come to the dark side.

– Skype is amazing. This week I talked with my cousin in Baghdad and counseled some friends in Florida.

– Barack isn’t as bad as one side of the isle thinks.

– Barack isn’t as good as one side of the isle thinks.

– I’m more excited for Student Life in Gatlinburg than my students are. Louie Giglio, Steve Fee, David Crowder Band, Leeland…oh yeah, I’m stoked.

– I married up.

– Way up.

– She has rocked my World:

Good night,

– Brad

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