5 things i’m tired of hearing

5. “Slept like a baby.” What does that mean? You sleep 2 hours then wake up to eat…sleep 2 hours, then wake up to eat…sleep 30 minutes, wake up to just cry a little??????????

I have a new baby, I don’t want to sleep like one!

4. New Local Radio shows instead of syndicated ones. It started here in Knoxville with losing Jim Rome, now they are taking away the last part of Mike and Mike in the Morning – the best sports show in the USA for some more discussion on Jonathon Crompton and the Vols spring practice?

I love the Vols, but our local talent is killing me. Please I’m tired of hearing it!

3. “Let’s meet about it.” Discussion and idea exchange is important, but I go to way to many meetings. How about: Let’s ‘Do it’.

2. “We want to keep everybody happy” Since when did our mission in life become pleasing men. What about God? I wander how many times we kept God unhappy because we kept ‘everybody’ happy?

1. Contemporary and Old Fashioned.
I am so exhausted at the contemporary vs. traditional debate. I don’t want the ‘Old Time’ Religion. I want an up-to-date, relevant, “can help me where I am at” relationship with Jesus Christ. There is nothing Old Fashioned about God. He is I AM, not I WAS.

I’m tired of God being put in any box – whether it be the box the organist sits on, or the box you store your electric guitar. Worship, Spirituality, and Righteousness have been defined by styles of music and ministry for too long.

If you think God only likes the music you like, whether it be Martin Luther or Mercy Me, get over yourself.

Ahh, sometimes just venting on my keyboard is cathartic. If you get offended by what you have just read, that’s OK. Just start playing the song “Why can’t we be friends”

– Brad

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