2008’s Stats

Here are some stats that Google Analytics gave me for bradraby.com

  • 6,156 visits
  • 62% of you use Internet Explorer
  • 19% use FireFox
  • 18% use Safari
  • less that 1% us Chrome
  • 1 of you use Opera (Mobile Browser)
  • Over 70% of you have Cable High Speed Internet
  • 5% of you are still using Dial-up
  • People from Tennessee, Indiana, California, and Florida visit most often.

Here are the posts that were accessed most in 2008 (Since June Page Tracking began):

  1. The most misused Bible verses in the Bible.
  2. Tony Snow on his Faith and battle with cancer.
  3. Miracles.
  4. Politicked.
  5. Leaving Christian Fundamentalism Part 2
  6. Defining Irony.

Here are the posts you spent the most time on:

  1. Some Thoughts…
  2. Love the Homosexual, hate OUR sin
  3. Married Life Live
  4. Sometimes you just guess right
  5. The Christian vs. The Atheist

– Interesting to me…but probably not anyone else 🙂

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