A Cultural Defect

There are several things I love about our American Culture these days:
– Art: Some of the traditionalists will disagree, but i think we’re a pretty creative people.
– Generosity: We more charitable than the materialism preacher thinks.
– Sports: I love the capitalistic competitive nature that burns within us.
– High Definition: We’re always making ‘things’ better.

However, there are some defects in the America way.

Today, I want to single one of them out: A Deficiency in National Pride.

Just about everyone on planet Earth has scene the video footage of an Arab Journalist throwing his shoes at President Bush. Since there was no physical harm done to the President – it has become somewhat comical. Everyone in the comedy realm is having some fun with it. That doesn’t bother me too much.

What, however, is disturbing to me is the empathy that many Americans are showing for the man who displayed such remarkable disrespect OUR President.

Here is my issue: I don’t care if you are in the 85% or whatever number that CNN says hates George W. Bush, or if you are a supporter of his – He is OUR American President, and applauding an Iraqi journalist for dissing OUR President to me is simply idiotic. You can disagree fundamentally with the War in Iraq, or whatever other Bush policy is out there, but have enough pride in your country, and that means expecting recently liberated Iraqi journalists to show your President some decency and respect.

So to you Mr.Blogger, Facebook Headliner, News Editor, and other fellow Americans: Have some pride…you know the kind you have for your favorite sports team…have it for you country.

– Brad

One thought on “A Cultural Defect

  1. Amen Brad. Thomas Sowell wrote a great article a while ago being a critic of what happened in France between WWI and WWII and the drop in patriotism. Everyone should look at the archives on Townhall.com and look it up. I might pull it up for you Brad. The differences in the way people fought for France in just a generation of time is explained in the mindset of its people’s love for their own country (nationalism) versus Internationalism. Also I love how basketball announcers such as the one that did last nights North Carolina game are talking about President-elect Obama playing with Carolina during the campaign and saying “hopefully he can get our country back on track”? We have been going down Obama’s track since Lyndon Johnson was President for crying out loud… More government, more Welfare, More deficits.

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