My Favorite Web Apps

Here is another answer to “How did you do that?”. These are some of my favorite Web Apps (Applications) and what they do:

1. Spiral Frog – Download millions of songs and music videos for free. It is a subscription service that cost you nothing, plus is very hassle free.

2. WordPress – I have used WP to make simple, efficient, but also effective websites and blogs. For the latest example of how anyone can create a decent website go HERE.

3. Xdrive – ‘Provided’ free online storage for when I’m looking to back up important files. I am trying out other sites right now, and I’ll let you know someday what i find.

4. Pandora – I use this site to create my own Internet radio station that plays my favorite genre of music. I’m using it while I type this post.

5. FotoFlexer – This is an online image editor. I designed the graphic below using it.

6. Google Analytics – I use this to track statistics to my blog and websites. 55.84% of you use Internet Explorer, 24.33% use Safari, 19.55% use Firefox, and 0.14% use Seamonkey as your Internet browsers…Just in case you wanted to know.

7. Blogger – I guess I should mention the web app I use to make this post 🙂

These are just 7 that I like and make my life easier, what web apps can you recommend?

– Brad

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