Parents – You better read this

If your teen says “Hey, I’m going to the movies tomorrow” You better ask WHAT movie because the glorious testament to our culture’s dysfunctional state: SEXDRIVE opens up in theaters Friday. The movie isn’t an adult film about Sex and yada yada…it is a TEEN movie about TEENAGERS and Sex…Yada…Yada.

Here is the descriptive words the MPAA used: “R – Strong and Crude Sexual content, Nudity, Language, some Drug and Alcohol use – All involving teens”

In the line of recent teen sex/drug/alchohol comedies like SuperBad, you can bet this will be a hot ticket for those under 18, even though it is rated R.

This pis…ticks me off (yeah I said it) and it ought to infuriate you as well.

Just Keep’n you informed.
– Brad

One thought on “Parents – You better read this

  1. At least the movie has a title that indicates what it is about–unlike Superbad. Thanks for the heads-up, Brad!

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