Good friends let us have their seats this past Saturday at the UT vs. Northern Illinois game. We had a good time, and great seats.

Now, here are the quick hitters all things UT Orange:

  • * Nick Stephens looked pretty good. He was significantly more accurate then J. Crompton.

* There is way too much negativity surrounding this team. The Tennessee talk radio hosts and callers lust over Nick Saban’s Alabama team – who lost to the University of Louisiana at Monroe last year, and only won 6 reg. season games. This year’s Alabama team, though dominate against Georgia and Clemson (Who has shown to be WAY over-rated) has barely beat Tulane and Kentucky. There are issues with UT football right now, but give me a break on the sky has fallen on us attitude.

* Our defense is ranked #5 in the nation, but we have to get more 3 and outs. The bend, but don’t break philosophy only works when your offense can score touchdowns (plural)

* Johnny Majors was a good coach, but has hated Fulmer since he lost his job to him several years ago. So his anti-Fulmer sentiment is irrelevant

* I told the David Cutcliffe and Eric Ainge haters to beware of what you ask for.

* There will not be an SEC team represented in the National Championship game this year. There is simply to much conference competition and the SEC champion will have 2 losses.

* Eric Berry would look really nice in a Colts uniform.

* I wish Jim Rome was back on 99.1 at noon – We have enough local shows, why are we doing away with the nationally syndicated ones?

* I like Dave Clawson’s play calling, but am curious as to why we make so many execution mistakes and penalties.

* The upgrades to Neyland Stadium are nice.

* We will upset either Georgia or Alabama.

– Brad

3 thoughts on “Go VOLS

  1. you are almost wrong about everything you said. im sorry but gorgia is not overated. they lost by 11 to an sec team. there will be an sec team in the title game, clawson has good plays but bad playcalling. terrible actually. the sky has fallen on tennessee and its time for change. the program is not done but it must change. and alabama last year vs this year are totally different. they are the real deal. but however, neyland is nice, and stephens looks good and your prob right about 99.1, it would be easier to just change it to love 89 though.

  2. So, If I’m ‘almost’ wrong on everything I said – that means I actually am right on everything I said then, C.Re-read the post and then respond again…I think you will have a hard time finding where I said Georgia was overrated.

  3. Both of you are rediculous.. MTSU is the top team in college football right now….. oh wait I’m sorry I have it mixed up with my Dynasty on NCAA 09. This college football season is nearly over for me I have turned my attention to the MTSU and UAB dynasty me and Justin have created!

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